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Receptra Serious Rest CBD + CBN gummies for sleep are formulated to optimize the rest you receive tonight, so you can seize the day, tomorrow. If bedtime wasn’t already your favorite time of the day, it will be now with these Mountain Strawberry flavored CBD gummies for sleep.

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Receptra’s vegan CBD gummies for sleep are a fun way to optimize health with the benefits of full spectrum hemp CBD that tastes great and feels like a mountain strawberry flavored treat. Taking care of yourself with an all-natural wellness routine should not feel like a chore.

Receptra CBD gummies for sleep with CBN are vegan-friendly, using pectin rather than gelatin, which also accounts for their fun, soft chewy texture. If you are a person who needs a way to stay motivated to take your evening CBD dose, you won’t forget these delicious, vegan CBD gummies which are more like a light bedtime snack. Although it may be tempting, make sure you don’t confuse them with you regular fruit snacks and eat the whole jar!

These vegan CBD gummies for sleep are free of melatonin and instead, Receptra has added the all-natural benefits of CBN, which is a cannabinoid that works with CBD to help you have a great night’s rest so you are ready to take on the day tomorrow.

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